Technical Questionnaire

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1. Customer Information
Contact Person: Project Name:
Address: Order Date:
Telephone: Ex-Works Date:
Customer PO No: Delivery Method: Sea Freight Air Freight
2. General Autoclave Specifications
Autoclave Model:    
Chamber Size:    
Door Type: Vertical Sliding Horizontal Sliding Automatic Hinged Manual Hinged
No. of Doors: Single Door Double Door
Air Removal Method: Water Ejector Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump
Mounting Alternatives: Cabinet Recessed Pit Mounted Seismic Kit
Wall Thickness:    
Application: Laboratory Health-Care

Please choose one door from 4,5,6,7,8, or 9.

3. Construction Material Specifications
Standard Materials   Special Materials (Additional Cost)
Chamber & Door: 316L   Chamber + Door: 316Ti
Jacket: 304L   Jacket: 316L 316Ti
Piping & Fittings: St.St. 304 Threaded   Primary** Piping and Fittings: 316St.St. Threaded TriClamp Welded
Components*** Brass   Primary Component*** St.St. Threaded St.St. Tri-Clamps
Bottom Frame: Galvanized Steel Painted   Bottom Frame: St.St.

4. Manual Hinged Door for 4472 & 5596 5. Vertical Sliding Door for 4472 & 5596
One Door Two Doors One Door Two Doors
Right Side Piping Left Side Piping Right Side Piping Left Side Piping
6. Automatic Hinged Door for Medium Sizes 7. Vertical Sliding Door for Medium Sizes
One Door Two Doors One Door Two Doors
Control Panel and Piping on the Right Side Control Panel and Piping on the Right Side
Control Panel and Piping on the Left Side Control Panel and Piping on the Left Side
Left Hinge Right Hinge  
8. Automatic Hinged Door for Large Models 9. Horizontal Sliding Door for Large Models
One Door Two Doors One Door Two Doors
Black Column Control Flush Mount Control Black Column Control Flush Mount Control
Right Side Piping Left Side Piping Right Side Piping Left Side Piping
Right Side Hinge Left Side Hinge For Door Direction, See Illustration
Above Image Shown with Flush Mount Control Above Image Shown with Flush Mount Control

10. Steam Supply (Please Choose One)
Building Source with Saturated Dry Steam
Electrical Steam Generator
        Carbon Steel
        Stainless Steel
        Auto Blow Down Feature
Integral Generator for Small & Medium Sizes, Stand Alone Generator for Large Sizes.
Steam to Steam Generator Separate Steam Connections to Jacket and Chamber
Placement: Integral Generator Stand Alone Generator
Supplied By: Tuttnauer Israel Tuttnauer USA
11. Power Supply Available at Installation Site (Please Choose One)
1-Phase, 120V (For Control Panel)
3-Phase, 208V
3-Phase, 480V
Other, specify: (subject to additional cost)
12. Control & Measuring Systems (Please Choose One)
Tempreture & Pressure Units: C°, kPa F°, Psi
13. Loading Equipment Specifications (The quantity specified below must comply with the O/A) (Please Choose at leastOne)
Stainless Steel Loading Cart Quantity:
Stainless Steel Transfer Carriage Quantity:
Rack + 2 Shelves Quantity:
Drop Wheel Loading Cart Quantity:
Floor Loading Cart Quantity:
14. Bio-Shield (Additional Cost)
Bio-Shield System for BSL3/4 with Wall Frame and Gasket
Wall Thickness:
15. Location - Placing the Autoclave at Site
Access to Installation Location: Ground Floor By Elevator By Crane
Maximum Elevator Load (Kg):
Smallest Doorway/Passage Opening:
17. Special Options (Subject to Additional Cost and Must Comply with the Order)
A. Advanced Sterilization Cycles
Streaming Steam Cycle 221° F/105°C
Disinfection Program (70° - 95°)
Fo Factor (Optimal Sterilization time)
B. Advanced Liquid Cycles
Internal Cooling Coil for Rapid Cooling of Liquid
Air Over Pressure Cycle
C. Advanced Control Features (Please Choose One or Many)
Allen Bradley Controls (USA Supplied, Tuttnauer Israel Installed)
10" Touch Screen (industrial PC with Windows XP system and ADMC)
ADMC Software Language: English Spanish Russian
TAS - Tuttnauer Archive System (Datalogger)
Graphic Printer including TAS
Two Color Printer
Chart Recorder - Fully Independent Microprocessor Controlled
Barcode Reader (ADMC needed)
Driver for Barcode Reader (software)
Absolute Pressure Gauge 0 - 160 Milibar
Full Control System for Second Door
Air Detector
RTD Load Probe - PT100 (Flexible Sensor Inside the Chamber)
D. Communication
Dry Contacts
RS232 Port with Software (Converter Included)
RS485 Port with Software (Converter Included)
E. Advanced Operation Features
Multipurpose Valve
Dual Steam Source Valve (Manual) - Connection to Central Steam Supply and back up steam generator
Foot Pedal to open door
Automatic Restart and Shutdown
F. Documentation Package
G. Accessories
Air Compressor (USA Supplied)
Water Recycling System
Stand for two 350 Diameter Steam Generators: Painted Carbon Steel Stand St.St. Stand

* St.St. - Stainless Steel
** Primary Piping System that connects to the chamber upto and including the first valve
*** Components - Manual Valve, Non Return Valve, Pressure Regulator, Pneumatic valves,
steam trap, etc. (316L = 1.4044, 304L = 1.4301, 316Ti = 1.4571)